Achieve a Well Balanced and Healthy Aging


Let’s talk about aging. A lot of people are feel ashamed when talking about their age as they don’t want others tell them that they look older than their actual age. If your body is well balanced, the body cells  become healthy. This process can definitely make you look younger than your age. So how do we achieve a healthy and balanced aging?

Aging and wellness

As we aged, different changes in our body also occur. We eat improperly, encountered a lot of stress etc. and because of that our body’s nutritional needs also changes too.


If we haven’t able to meet those needs, body imbalances can absolutely occur. Its symptoms that you often think about are the problems to be addressed and these are often the result of the real problem. I can give you an example with regards to our topic about aging. One of the common problems you face when you age is developing digestive disorders such as acid reflux . But if you would research more deeper into what’s the real problem is, you’ll discover that the lack of HCl (hydrochloride) production is one of the main reason. This often lead to problems with digestion of the food, feeling bloated, reflux (again) and also some bacterial imbalances. We should be very careful in terms of that because we have the natural body’s response to aging. This means our body’s immune system also declines.

This is very common problem that an aging individual often experience. Self-medicating such as taking antacid will worsen and added to the problem. In some cases, we feel better because we put a temporary remedy and quieted the symptoms. So we didn’t noticed it any longer, assuming that you are already treated. Then eventually, I will attack you again. This creates a cascade of problem. Imagine if you treated each problem the same way as you treat the other one, surely your health will decline over the years. So instead of doing things like self medicating, look for the underlying root cause. Always keep in mind that we should learn to understand that any pain or discomfort there is always the problem behind that.

To age well, you have to keep your body in balance.

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