Vaccines: Do We Really Need to Get This? standard

Vaccines, do we really need this? Well, not really, but if you’ll read an article by a journalist for the Herald Sun in Australia, you may think so.  The author wrote this poorly researched piece read here. Not only was this piece a great example of poor journalism, it seems more to be geared towards being  a scare tactic.  She has a quote by Dr Marion Lyons, director of health protection for Public Health Wales, who told the BBC: “Those not taken any vaccines are highly likely to catch measles, which is highly contagious. “It is just a matter of time before a child is left with serious and permanent complications such as eye disorders, deafness or brain damage, or dies.” I find ...

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Bio Terrain Explained video

I am still getting used to doing video and being comfortable with it.  Here is one such attempt! In this video, my goal was to simply explain what “Bio Terrain” is and show why it may be more important that understanding germs when it comes to obtaining and maintaining health. Why do we get sick? What is true Health and Wellness? In the 1800’s, Louis Pasteur made an important discovery. He discovered germs. He’s considered the father of modern pathology and the father of germ theory. His theory stated that germs causes disease, this is an important breakthrough in science. When you say “theory” because it was not the only theory at the same time is Claude Bernard, he discovered ...

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The Tao of Life & Functional Nutrition – a podcast interview by Dr. Mitchel standard

I just wanted to put this up…  My first video/podcast interview about The Tao of Life & Functional Nutrition has been posted! It captured my unique perspective on nutrition that comes with a bit of Chinese medicine and martial arts philosophy.  You’ll learn here how much to eat, what to eat and the best formula for a good nutrition. This podcast interview that I did with Dr. Mitchel will help you bring the best and optimum nutrition at your fingertips.  Once you visit the site, please do also check out his other posts, it’s a very good read.  He has this self-paced program that contains all of the  best practices for enhancing your health. I’ll give you an example, learn how to look great and feel great by boosting energy, ...

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