Are your mineral supplements healthy or poisonous? standard

We take mineral supplements in order to make up for and deficiencies in our diets right?  The problem is, it can be confusing what is “healthy” and what is considered as “poisonous” to our body. It seems every week, there are new research that contradicts earlier findings on what is healthy and what you should take.  I know it can be confusing.  Here is a simple tip.  Start with food.  Real food.  Unfortunately, just eating organic still is not enough.  We must take mineral supplements because of deficiencies in our soil, stresses in our lives, and increased nutritional demands due to modern life. Reading the label is a great start, but don’t be fooled by labels that say “all natural” on ...

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Acupuncture Gaining Acceptance standard

  Its always nice to see articles in mainstream media showing how acupuncture is gaining acceptance.  While many people fear the word “needle” and think of pain, millions have found relief in this 5000 year old healing art.  Its not like getting a shot, most people actually fall asleep during a session.  Give it a try and see what it can do for you.  If you have questions, and are curious about the benefits or to would just like to see if its a good for you, email me.  I would be glad to help.  In the mean time, check out this article in U-T San Diego

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Are your vitamins helping or hurting you? standard

Most people today take vitamins.  Its not secret that the increase in stress, pollution and the decrease in soil quality has created a need to supplement our diets.  Not to mention the addition of refined, fake and chemical foods… but we will save that for another day. Vitamins are good right? Well… maybe.  Most vitamins sold today are not actually waht you think.  Lets take as one example, ascorbic acid.  Vitamin c right?  No… not really.  You see, ascorbic acid is a component of vitamin C but is not the most important or even the largest part.  So which part is most important?  Well that is like asking which part of your watch’s inner mechanics is the one that tells ...

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Diet drinks have no calories so how can it be bad for you? standard

Many people only look at calories when considering what is “good” and “bad” for their body especially in diet drinks.  Calorie counting doesn’t really work; the calculations are for the stored energy to produce heat.  Great for machinery but not so great for the body. Diet drinks I won’t get into calories at the moment, but I do want to talk about artificial sweeteners.  Here is a simple rule when talking about artificial sweeteners… don’t!  just don’t.  If you believe the marketing guys, and you shouldn’t, its safe and made from all natural sources.  This is a way of misleading people.  All natural sources does not mean safe. Diet drinks Take for instance sucralose(brand name Splenda). The marketing says its safe because ...

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