Blood Sugar and Metabolism


blood sugar

Have you met someone with or who has a “beer belly?”  Or maybe those who have an extra “padding” around their midsection, but are having thin legs?  You will be surprised to know that this may be the result of blood sugar problems based on different studies and research that we did.

Most people think of diabetes when they hear the word “blood sugar.” It is not exactly the table sugar that you will see in your blood that makes your food taste sweet. It is best described as glucose when we talked about blood sugar levels in the body. At a certain point in time it may increase when not properly stored or used by our body, and that means, you will need be careful to not let it spike again or else it may lead to some serious conditions such as “diabetes.”

How can blood sugar and metabolism affects you?

Sugar management can affect your health in a lot of ways especially your metabolism. Blood sugar and metabolism of  people with diabetes is very much different to people without diabetes. Simply cutting out soda and white sugar is a great start but make sure that it doesn’t end here.  Simply reducing calories will make things worse.

I have seen quite a few people, diagnosed with type 2 diabetes that are continuously eating fruits, breads, pastas, etc. But since their medication keeps them in normal range, they think it’s OK.  I believed that I am reusing my own analogies here but this is the same thing as shutting off the alarm and leaving the fire.  The underlying cause is still not dealt with.

Many people can reverse diabetes (type 2) or metabolic syndrome as these are considered “lifestyle disorders.”  Some people may not be able to reverse their condition. They are able to reduce their medications (and more specifically, their doctor does reducing it) especially if they noticed significant changes in your blood sugar level.  Either way, you would want to make sure you are not fighting against your body. It can be your medicines or your supplements with what you put on your plate.

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