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The Tao of Life & Functional Nutrition – a podcast interview by Dr. Mitchel standard

I just wanted to put this up…  My first video/podcast interview about The Tao of Life & Functional Nutrition has been posted! It captured my unique perspective on nutrition that comes with a bit of Chinese medicine and martial arts philosophy.  You’ll learn here how much to eat, what to eat and the best formula for a good nutrition. This podcast interview that I did with Dr. Mitchel will help you bring the best and optimum nutrition at your fingertips.  Once you visit the site, please do also check out his other posts, it’s a very good read.  He has this self-paced program that contains all of the  best practices for enhancing your health. I’ll give you an example, learn how to look great and feel great by boosting energy, ...

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Acupuncture Gaining Acceptance standard

  Its always nice to see articles in mainstream media showing how acupuncture is gaining acceptance.  While many people fear the word “needle” and think of pain, millions have found relief in this 5000 year old healing art.  Its not like getting a shot, most people actually fall asleep during a session.  Give it a try and see what it can do for you.  If you have questions, and are curious about the benefits or to would just like to see if its a good for you, email me.  I would be glad to help.  In the mean time, check out this article in U-T San Diego

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