Detoxification: Is It Necessary For Our Body?



Is detoxification really necessary for our body? Your body filters, cleans, and disposes of waste daily, so why do we still need this?

My answer is, it depends.


Why do we need a detoxification?

Although your body does detoxification daily, we are bombarded by more chemicals today than ever before.  Our bodies were not designed to deal with chemicals. Examples of which are BPAs that may disrupt hormones, or artificial sweeteners that break down into toxic components.  There are literally thousands of chemicals that don’t belong in your body, and must be removed.

Your body secretes waste through filtration. This can also happen  through other means such as sweat (but most of us live in air conditioned housing so sweating is reduced), breathing (most of us breathe far too swallow), urination (do you drink enough water?) and bowel movements (lots of people are constipated).


What to know first before doing a detoxification?

Your body stores what she can in order to get toxins out of blood circulation and protect the organs. Toxicity overload may lead to more allergies, digestive problems, inflammation, neurological conditions, memory problems, lack of energy, and so on.

Take the 12-Toxicity Questionnaire and see how you do.  Many people do well by just removing all chemicals, sugars, stimulants, etc for a time.  Some people need to add in more support.  Although its a popular approach, I don’t usually advocate a fast or even a juice fast for a detoxification.  Your body needs the nutrition and needs fat to help the liver do its job.

Ever notice how people gravitate towards fatty meals after a night of drinking?  Ever notice how busy the greasy spoon diner is which happens to be near the club or bar late at night?  Fat helps with the detoxification.  Doing a fast can be too harsh for most people.  That is why it is usually recommended  if you would want to have detoxification or detox in short, it should be properly done with the help of a health care practitioner.

You want to make sure what you do helps you towards your goal, rather than hinders your progress. Take the questionnaire, see where you stand and let us know how we can help you reach your health goals.

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