Digestive Disorders


Digestive disorders make up a large percentage of common ailments that doctors often seen daily.  They account for tens of millions of doctor visits and costs the US Billions of dollars. Not to mention the lost time from work and other cases that never get reported. As we age, our digestion changes.  Many people who suffer from acid reflux or heartburn( GERD ) take an antacid, but do these people really suffer from a bicarbonate insufficiency or is there more to it? 

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More often than not, I find that health and disease starts in the gut.  Even those that consumes a “healthy” diet can also experience digestive disorders. Due to the fact that digestive imbalances often did not manifest  full fledged problems.  In my everyday life, I often hear, “its not a big deal, I can live with it.”  However, its not a matter of “living with it” or not, and the real question is what really is the root cause of these imbalances?

What are the examples of  digestive disorders?

Bloating after meals can lead to an imbalance in your digestive system, or weakness in your body’s ability to break down food.  This can lead to Leaky Gut Syndrome,  Allergies, Fatigue, Inflammation, Thyroid dysfunction or even Autoimmune disorders. Some other examples are below:

Many of these are just small issues and concerns.  Most people don’t seek help, and just learn to live with it.  The problem is not the problem.  The symptoms merely leads to an underlying digestive imbalances that can greatly affect your health.

So how do we prevent it?

Working to uncover digestive system imbalances is not only a smart preventative medicine, but it can also treat a lot of disorders and imbalances that you would not have normally associated with this issue. We usually use a comprehensive questionnaire or lab analysis for this cases.  Either can be done from any location, and can help you improve your digestion and health.

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