Gynecological Problems: How women can cope to this?

From puberty to menopausal stage, a woman’s body is constantly changing and developing. At each stages of a woman’s life, they may have different concerns about gynecological, reproductive and on sexual health. One of the most common problem that a woman may encounter is by having PCOS (an abbreviation for polycystic ovarian syndrome). An abnormal level of certain hormone can lead to this. Much worst, it  increases the risk of certain health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Another gynecological concerns that those who are very thin and those who are extremely heavy may experience is amennorhea (not having menstruation) and as well as having irregular or excessive flow.



internal image of a womb

Some also encounter problems such as vaginal discharge and abnormal bleeding.  Yes, it can result from a mild infection but not all these symptoms are  can easily be treated. As soon as you have noticed something different or unusual, consult a doctor or a gynecologist immediately and do not attempt to self-medicate. Know the hazards of doing that because it can lead to a more serious problem.

Gynecological Dietary Guidelines

Here are some dietary guidelines which every women can apply from Chinese principles that could promote gynecological health:

Having a well balanced and healthy lifestyle can help prevent this problems from getting worst. Start to change your lifestyle habits. Do lots of physical activities such as walking for a healthy weight loss. Consume healthy foods that are low in carbs. These are some of the best ways to combat this problem. A healthy diet is the answer in maintaining a healthy weight as your menstrual cycle is highly dependent on your weight.


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