Leaky gut syndrome (medically knows as “increased intestinal permeability”), is not really a disease in itself.  Not the way diseases are classified.  Rather it is an imbalance in the digestive system that leaves the body open to “disease.”

How Leaky Gut Syndrome Affects our body?

Let me try and explain it this way…. Your digestive system breaks food down to a usable size.  It also is the first line of defense in your immune system, killing pathogens and invaders.  Through a delicate balance, this is accomplished.  And when the food particles have reached the appropriate size, they are allowed to pass through the small intestines wall and into the blood stream.

Think of the walls of the small intestines a bit like a screen door.  Your screen door has large enough holes to let the breeze and fresh air in. But small enough holes to keep out misquotes.  What would happen if you put holes in the screen door?  The same thing happens in your intestines.  Pathogens and even food particles are allowed to enter, that should not have been admitted.  Your body then must combat the invaders.  This causes a whole host of problems.

Leaky gut syndrome has been associated with:


Adrenal fatigue





Ankylosing spondylitis




Celiac disease

Chronic fatigue syndrome





Malabsorption of nutrients

Chemical sensitivies

Thyroid disorders

Weight gain

And the list keeps growing….


While these disorders may seem unrelated in their symptoms, inflammation and an over loaded organ system may be at the core of most diseases. Fortunately the disorder is treatable.  You don’t need to spend a lifetime on expensive medications to correct this underlying disorder. 

You just need to determine if leaky gut syndrome is a factor, what contributed to it, and then heal the damage.  We often work with people both locally and from distance to make these corrections.  This does not mean, of course, that you stop your medications.  However, if you work on healing the underlying cause, your doctor may find that you need less medication or that the medication is no longer needed. 

Treat the person, not the disease.  Strengthen the body so disease has no place to take hold.  That is the way to true wellness.