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"The physician should not treat the disease but the patient who is suffering from it." ~Maimonides

chinese medicine

Our treatment philosophy stems from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the idea of balance.  This is not exclusively a Chinese medicine principle however.  While the “germ theory” was being developed, a competing theory, formed by Antoine Béchamp.  Bechamp’s research didn’t focus on germs, rather, the idea that its the “terrain” that allows the germs to either invade and grow, or be defeated.

If the “germ theory” were correct, why is it that some people get sick and others do not?  We come into contact with germs every day.  Should we take medications daily to combat these encounters or should we ensure our own “terrain” is in balance and not hospitable to the germs?


Many people sum up the difference by saying “mosquitoes do not cause swamps.”  Meaning, when conditions are favorable for the mosquitoes, such as a swamp, they gather.  You can spend time killing the mosquitoes in a never ending battle, or you can change the conditions of the water and the mosquitoes will no longer find it a hospitable place to live and populate.

blue fish in bowl

Another example…. because I am obsessed with analogies….  is to look at a fish in a fish bowl.  If the water is out of balance, not enough oxygen, dirty, etc…. should you spend money on drugs to make the fish healthy or spend your time and effort on making sure the water is right for the fish?

All disease and sickness stems from an imbalance.  The imbalance can be from age, work, stress, diet, chemicals, or just life itself.

The Western medicine approach addresses the germ or disease directly.  This can be useful in an emergency situation, however, it seldom addresses the root cause, or the underlying imbalance that created or allowed it in the first place.  An example of this might be “heart burn” or acid reflux.  A common approach to this problem is to lower the acidity of the stomach.  Take a medication and you feel better.  However, the underlying cause is not addressed.  In fact, many people find that they soon begin to have a whole host of other problems.  Why?  The symptom was addressed…. not the cause.  In fact, many people suffering from acid reflux do not have too much acid.  It only feels that way because the acid is coming into contact with an area that should not have acid in it.

Balance is the key to life and health

OK, so how do we re-establish balance?

Using questionnaires and/or lab analysis we look for what body systems are in need of support.  We do not look for what is “broken.”  We look for ways to support and strengthen areas that are being taxed.  We all know that stress causes additional nutritional demands to be made on the body.  If those demands are not met, the organ begins to hypo-function and struggle creating an imbalance.  Is it better to medicate and suppress the symptoms or to supply the organ with the nutrition needed so balance can be restored?

Using whole food supplementation, we support the nutritional demands required by the body to function optimally.  Of course, we also try and identify and modify the causes of the imbalance as well.

When you have balance, you have health.  Lack of symptoms is not true health (otherwise a corpse would be considered healthy wouldn’t it?).

We seek to improve, to get stronger, better, smarter, more efficient, we should also seek to learn about our health and how to keep balance.  This is how we can help.  We can help you discover how to become stronger and healthier.  We can do this with simple guidance, or we can offer more comprehensive analysis with lab tests.


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