Pain and Inflammation

pain and inflammation

Pain and inflammation is another common complain we see daily.  A lot people use over the counter drugs to reduce inflammation which usually results in a reduction in pain.  However, there are nearly 10,000 deaths per year and  nearly 100,000 people are hospitalized due to frequent NSAIDs use. That’s a huge number and very alarming.

Pain can also occur without inflammation, and again, OTC and prescription medications are used.


What causes pain and inflammation?

The problem is not the inflammation or the pain.  These are only the manifestations of an underlying cause.  If we only treat the symptoms, and leave the underlying cause, the real problem may get worse.

The analogy I like to use is pain as a fire alarm.  Yes, it makes a lot of noise but is not really the problem.  If all we do is turn off the alarm, and leave the fire, the house burns down in silence.

It is the same with our health.  Later, the problem gets worse and before we know it, we need several medications to deal with the problem.  Worse yet, we are told, “its just part of getting older.”

When we are young, we don’t notice small imbalances.  In middle age, the symptoms of those small imbalances get a bit bigger and more noticeable.  If we choose to still not address it, or worse, mask it, the underlying problems continue to get worse until they affect all areas of our health.

Pain and inflammation must be addressed at a systemic, whole body level.  Yes, sometimes you need to turn off the fire alarm (symptoms), but don’t forget to look for the fire.

We can help with either a symptom questionnaire analysis or blood analysis.

Stay tuned for more information and updates.  However, if you have questions or need answers sooner, feel free to email us in the mean time.

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