Weight Management

weight management

Weight management is one big issue nowadays.  Every year, there are a lot of diet foods on the market and more weight loss products are advertised keeping a promise of a good weight loss.  Yet despite all of this, still, every year we are told Americans are more and more overweight.  In fact, in 2012 it was estimated that 68.5% of American adults were overweight or obese and a staggering 31.8% of kids! That is devastating!

Every year there is a new diet fad, and every year they do new studies to uncover the reasons why we are still gaining weight.

Really, the problem is not that complicated usually.

The calorie counting system doesn’t work. In fact, the very idea of calories is a notion of measurement for how much work a machine can do… not a person.  This is why some people can eat a slice of cake and gain 2 pounds the next day.  Calorie counting doesn’t work.  Although, I will sometimes use it as a guideline because I find many people under eat and are malnourished.

If we look at weight gain, not as a problem but as a result of a problem.  Things start to get more interesting and less frustrating.

If we look at weight gain as the actual problem, then we may seek to eat unhealthy foods because they claim not to make us gain weight.  This thinking is backwards.

Weight gain is the result of an underlying imbalance

It may be a sign to look for something that may be more serious.  An example may be weight gain around the mid section.  This is common in men especially, and is usually not from excess calories.  If we only reduce calories, we may or may not reduce the weight, but even if we do, it will only be temporary.  The underlying cause may be a sign of insulin resistance or diabetes.

Weight gain can help you discover problems that may exist but you didn’t know about.  However, the first step of course is to eat real food.  Many times people have come in, asking for help with weight loss and claiming “nothing works”… but when I look at their eating habits, they are not eating foods, they are eating chemicals.

Start there.  Eat real food.  Get proper nutrition. (don’t take fake vitamins) Eat enough, and let us know how we can help.

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