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We do labs differently than you MD.  Its not that we are saying your MD is wrong, its just that we are looking for different things.  We are looking for signs that an organ, or system is struggling.  Hyper or Hypo functioning.  This usually precedes dysfunction.  Where your MD may say your kidney function is fine because it is not in dysfunction, we may say it needs support because it is not operating within optimal range.  There are some organs that need to lose 50% of function before they show up on a test as being dysfunctional.

If you already have had a series of tests and would like us to review them and give you our opinion on optimal function and where support may be needed.  Click here.

If you would like to have your own comprehensive functional wellness labs done(Please note this option is only available in the US.) … Click here

If you don’t like the idea of a blood test, but are interested in having a functional test analysis, we also offer a Urinalysis that can be done in your own home.  (You may also want to consider the symptom based questionnaire analysis as an alternative)  Click here.

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