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"The physician should not treat the disease but the patient who is suffering from it." ~Maimonides

Why should you switch to whole food supplements?  Most vitamins are not really vitamins.  They are isolates of vitamins.  Look at your vitamin E for example.  Most vitamin E is D Alpha tocopherol, however that is only one type of E.  Scientists have determined that it is the most active form.  However, E comes in 8 different forms!  Some cheaper forms use DL-Alpha which is a synthetic form of E.

whole food supplementsEven worse, many physicians believe taking an incomplete vitamin creates a deficiency because the body must make up for the missing components.  In nature, vitamins do not exist in isolated form, but rather they are part of complex. 

Achieve optimum health with Whole Food Supplements

Science has identified “the most important part” of each complex according to their own understanding.  However, the same way that you can’t tell time by looking at the individual brass gears within a watch, you can’t achieve health by using chemical representations of parts of the vitamin complexes. 

We primarily use whole food supplements from Standard Process (www.standardprocess.com).  Standard process was built on the work of Dr. Royal Lee.  Dr. Lee was way ahead of his time in realizing that nature can not be duplicated in the lab.  Vitamin complexes are so complicated that they can only be made by living cells and not by chemists.  

In the US lifestyle diseases cost us over $153 billions dollars per year!  Many of these disease and disorders could be reversed or improved with the addition of proper nutrition. Chemical isolates are not the answer.  We have more vitamins, more diet food, more health education, and more gyms than most countries, yet we are getting more overweight and sicker every year.  The current model of healthcare in the US is more about disease management rather than healthcare.

Eat proper, get plenty of rest, play as well as work, and use whole food supplements to fill in the gaps.  This is the way to reach your optimal health.

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